BXP is first of its kind to enable a client-branded pass that works seamlessly across multiple points
of access that are managed by both BXP and its clients so occupants can enjoy hassle-free access.


BXP (NYSE: BXP), the largest publicly traded developer, owner, and manager of premier workplaces in the
United States has extended its enablement model for clients with a new connected access experience that
makes it possible for clients to use employee badges in Apple Wallet on iPhone or Apple Watch to easily
navigate through secure access areas in BXP buildings. BXP’s 601 Lexington property in New York City is the
first in its portfolio where this new offering will be available to clients.

The Opportunity
At many BXP buildings, the technology that occupants and guests first encounter are turnstiles and access
control. The experience needs to be reliable, seamless, and fast. In addition, the use of iPhone and Apple
Watch for secure transactions is becoming ubiquitous. Why not extend this now common experience to
building access? Also, without automation, administrators manually manage and enter access records in both
client and BXP systems — a process with inherent data integrity issues. BXP was seeking an access
enablement solution that would enhance the client access experience, facilitate process efficiencies, and
elevate data integrity.

The Solution and Benefits
Powered by SwiftConnect, a leading provider of connected access enablement, BXP’s street-to-seat journey
for its clients is the first of its kind to enable a client-branded pass that works seamlessly across multiple
points of access that are managed by both BXP and its clients (including amenity spaces), so occupants can
enjoy hassle-free access.

“Partnering with SwiftConnect, we’re excited to launch the commercial real estate industry’s first connected
experience that unifies disparate client and building owner access systems to offer a self-service user journey
using iPhone and Apple Watch,” said Jim Whalen, SVP and Chief Information and Technology Officer at BXP.
“The rollout demonstrates our fundamental philosophy and continued commitment to enabling services and
options that empower the talent of our clients while also enhancing security and process efficiencies.”

The SwiftConnect platform unifies disparate access control and enterprise and building systems, providing
BXP clients with the tools to centralize and automate their access management. BXP clients elevate the
accuracy and integrity of credential records by using their systems as the source of truth and book of record
to automate the lifecycle management of the credential records, whether provisioned as a traditional plastic
card or on employee badge in Apple Wallet.

How it Works
Client employee badges in Apple Wallet are provisioned using SwiftConnect AccessCloud, which brings
together mobile platforms and enterprise systems that govern physical access. SwiftConnect’s AccessCloud
integrates with HID Origo, a cloud platform that enables lifecycle management of mobile credentials. The
solution also leverages HID’s Seos credential technology to deliver an intuitive, private and secure access
transaction when a user presents their iPhone or Apple Watch to HID Signo and iCLASS SE Readers.

The Access Experience

Client users simply register iPhones through their employer’s mobile device management platform and
log into the managed mobile application using their Single Sign-On.
 After this initial set-up, clients can easily add their employee badge to Apple Wallet. Once added, the
badge will instantly give them access to lobby turnstiles, stairwells, elevators, and common amenity
areas within the BXP base building, along with exterior and interior secured areas within the client
Users can simply tap their iPhone or Apple Watch to HID Signo and iCLASS SE Readers to unlock access
to secured areas. With Express Mode, clients do not need to unlock their device to use their badge in
Apple Wallet. Even if the phone needs to be charged, the device can be used in Power Reserve mode.
When a BXP client has a badge in Apple Wallet, it is never shared with Apple or stored on Apple servers.
Employee badges in Apple Wallet are stored on personal devices and take full advantage of the privacy
and security built into iPhone and Apple Watch.
If a user misplaces their iPhone or Apple Watch, they can use the Find My app to lock and help locate
their device and suspend their employee badge or remotely erase the device and its employee badges.
When suspended or erased, SwiftConnect promptly deactivates the employee badge on both the client
and BXP access control systems.

Looking into the Future
Following the success of the program at 601 Lexington, BXP plans to extend the new connected access
experience to other locations across its portfolio of premier workspaces in the United States throughout 2023
and beyond.




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