Founded in 2016, World Trade Ventures (WTV) is a unique venture capital firm focused on supporting early-stage technology companies that bridge those two worlds.

At World Trade Ventures, we focus on finding the best entrepreneurs and supporting them throughout the life cycle of their company. What sets us apart and sets up our investments for success are our profound relationships and meaningful connections with our portfolio companies and their founders. This is the world of hearts and imaginations.

Yet no less important is the world of “line and rule”. Our extensive experience and track record in business development, operations, management, technology and marketing as well as our practical knowledge of funding allows for a deep understanding of the immediate and longer term needs of our portfolio companies. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to support founders, in both worlds, and help them achieve their short and long term goals in a competitive and rapidly evolving business & technology landscape.

 World Trade Ventures

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A Service Intelligence platform driven by data

Aquant gives service leaders, agents, and techs the critical intelligence they need, right when they need it. So they’re ready to deliver service experiences so amazing, they feel like magic


In today’s cloud-first, mobile-first world, dependency on Active Directory is rapidly growing—and so is the attack surface. Expose blind spots. Paralyze attackers. Minimize downtime.

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Sqream team of employees

Fastest Time to Insight for Data at Any Scale

Accelerating Total Time to Insight (TTTI) on Any Size Data A hybrid on-prem and on-cloud platform, SQream minimizes Total Time to Insight (TTTI) for the new category of tera-to-peta-size data. Slashing query times on time-sensitive data, SQream provides the best cost-performance solution available.


World Trade Ventures portfolio illustrates our vision for early-stage technology companies. We're building technology today for tomorrow's solutions.



Aquant is an enterprise AI platform that uses machine learning to learn your enterprise's unique language and use it to maximize equipment uptime.



Semperis is an enterprise identity protection company that enables organizations to quickly recover from accidental or malicious changes and disasters that compromise Active Directory, on-premises and on cloud.



SQream delivers the most flexible database for huge dataset analytics. Global enterprises use SQream DB to analyze more data than ever before.



Lili empowers freelancers with financial services and tools to balance work and life in one account.



Founded in October 2016, Igentify’s team of globally renowned geneticists, experienced engineers, animators, and UX/UI designers are redefining the protocols of traditional medicine. In January 2019 Deloitte selected Igentify as an Israeli startup at the forefront of the Digital R&D revolution.



With Fundrise, you can invest in a low-cost, diversified portfolio of institutional-quality real estate. We combine state-of-the-art technology with in-house expertise to reduce fees and maximize your long-term return potential.

visitdotorg is a SaaS platform for employee-driven corporate social responsibility (CSR). Discover & book hundreds of social impact team experiences benefitting local social ventures, and provide analytics to match these with employees' individual interests.



Protect Every Enterprise Application Against Insider Threats. Detect anomalous activity with unprecedented accuracy. Identify potential data breaches and misuse of applications. Accelerate response and resolution.



WoodSpoon is a community-based marketplace that facilitates the delivery of homemade food from local chefs.At WoodSpoon we empower our home chefs to share their culture and passion with others. Customers can order for immediate delivery or schedule ahead on WoodSpoon’s mobile app.



Firedome secures and supports IoT connected devices and prevent next cyber-catastrophe. Firedome offers products and services that support different needs from active cyber-protection to analytics, insights, and cyber-security fleet management.



Cinch is a payment app that converts customer loyalty into cash. Its mission is to help local neighborhoods thrive through local commerce.



In the new world of work, SwiftConnect provides a hybrid work solution that matches the right people to the right space, at the right time, with access control and permissioning at the core.



Vi supercharges digital health enterprises with state-of-the-art technology, designed to significantly increase member engagement, retention, and LTV


City Hives

City Hive’s all in one e-commerce platform for wine and spirit shops that enables retailers to maintain complete control over their customer base.



Take control of your CRE investment management with Covercy. Execute distribution payments in a click, open a bank account instantly, and engage HNW & family office investors.



The Sepio platform uses a novel algorithm, a combination of physical layer fingerprinting module coupled with a Machine Learning module – providing the sought-after visibility and enforcement level, it is further augmented by a threat intelligence database – ensuring a lower risk hardware infrastructure.



Julius is revolutionizing influencer marketing by providing clients with in depth audience demographics of social influencers making influencer marketing a science.



Let Blyp handle the data, so you can get back to work. Blyp is a new data analyst AI designed to help you get back to doing what you do best – growing your e-commerce business.



NLMatics is focused on extracting insights from unstructured text data with minimum or no supervision. From informal notes to complex legal documents, from news headlines to extensive reports - NLMatics is designed to be flexible so that enterprises have a single solution for text analytics.



To transform the manual industry of residential home renovation by innovating the processes and bringing them online.



Cyber Security



AvoMD is a platform that provides on-demand decision support for clinicians, at the point-of-care, on standalone web and mobile apps and via EHR integrations. AvoMD offers a better way for clinicians to use and learn evidence-based guidelines and enables provider organizations to easily deploy and update standardized care pathways.

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Oversee (formerly FairFly) is the leading provider of Travel Spend Optimization, serving 29 of the Fortune 100, 86 of the Fortune 500, and 38 of BTN Corporate Travel 100 companies worldwide.



Precise quickly underwrites your business by connecting directly into your accounting solution. No pitching, no meetings, no hassle.


Social Wonder

Social Wonder is an end-to-end social media management service for all you go getters. We fuse creative energy, an obsession with technology, and deep beauty expertise to share your wonders with the world – so you can keep them coming.



Empowering retailers to execute their rental operation, seamlessly integrating with their familiar sales channels.



TestDynamics is set to revolutionize the incorporation of AI solutions for medical imaging and diagnostics. The team is comprised of both engineers and medical professionals who have made it their missions to finally make AI accessible to radiologists, hospitals and the patients they treat.

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Alma Security

Alma Security created an app-sec solution that sits atop observability tools, leveraging the already-collected runtime context for security. Alma customers can gain a full, real-time view of their application layer in run-time. No new integrations necessary.


Jul 21, 2024 / Lili

How Much to Set Aside for Small Business Taxes

Owning a business requires taking on complex tax responsibilities. Unlike an employee whose taxes are automatically withheld, business owners need to estimate the amount they’ll owe, set it aside, and make quarterly payments.  But how much should you be saving and...

Jul 18, 2024 / Semperis

How to Defend Against SPN Scanning in Active Directory

Service Principal Name (SPN) scanning is a reconnaissance technique that attackers use in Active Directory environments. This method enables attackers to discover valuable services and associated accounts, which can be potential targets for further attacks such as...

Jul 8, 2024 / Semperis

Identity Attack Watch: AD Security News, June 2024

As cyberattacks targeting Active Directory continue to rise, AD security, identity, and IT teams face mounting pressure to monitor the evolving AD-focused threat landscape. To assist IT professionals in comprehending and preventing attacks that involve AD, the...

Jul 2, 2024 / Semperis

The Importance of Tiered Delegation and ACL Management

Active Directory (AD) plays a critical role as the primary identity provider for numerous organizations throughout the world, forming the backbone of access control and authentication systems. However, its central role and widespread use makes AD a prime target for...

Jun 24, 2024 / Aquant

What’s New in Aquant Service Co-Pilot

As we dive into a busy and hot summer, we’re thrilled to share some fresh and exciting updates for Aquant Service Co-Pilot. First, thank you to everyone who joined us at Service Leader Summer Camp! Your enthusiasm and participation made the event a huge success....

Jun 24, 2024 / Semperis

How to Defend Against Password-Spraying Attacks

In the ever-evolving and complex cybersecurity landscape, Active Directory remains a critical infrastructure component for managing network resources and user authentication. However, its centrality also makes it a prime target for attackers. Among these, the...

Jun 24, 2024 / Semperis

DORA Compliance and ITDR

Organizations in the financial services sector have less than a year to demonstrate DORA compliance. What is DORA, does it apply to your organisation, and how does DORA compliance intersect with one of today’s major cybersecurity concerns: identity threat detection...

Jun 5, 2024 / Semperis

Identity Attack Watch: AD Security News, May 2024

As cyberattacks targeting Active Directory continue to rise, AD security, identity, and IT teams face mounting pressure to monitor the evolving AD-focused threat landscape. To assist IT professionals in comprehending and preventing attacks that involve AD, the...

May 29, 2024 / Semperis

Best Practices for Active Directory Backup

Maintaining business continuity during and after a cyberattack has become a chief strategic objective, not just for enterprise cybersecurity, but for IT and business leadership as well. Effective Identity Threat Detection & Response (ITDR), including a...

May 20, 2024 / Aquant

Aquant’s Key Takeaways From Field Service Palm Springs

Earlier this month, the Aquant team attended the Field Service USA conference in Palm Springs. Shoutout to the WBR for hosting an excellent conference—while they never disappoint, this year’s was the best yet.  We had the pleasure of hosting two successful sessions...

May 8, 2024 / Semperis

How to Defend Against SID History Injection

Security Identifier (SID) History injection is a sophisticated cyberattack vector that targets Windows Active Directory environments. This attack exploits the SID History attribute, which is intended to maintain user access rights during migrations from one domain...

May 6, 2024 / Semperis

Identity Attack Watch: AD Security News, April 2024

As cyberattacks targeting Active Directory continue to rise, AD security, identity, and IT teams face mounting pressure to monitor the evolving AD-focused threat landscape. To assist IT professionals in comprehending and preventing attacks that involve AD, the...


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