HqO integrates SwiftConnect into the HqO Platform to increase employee satisfaction by removing friction from workplace experiences

HqO and SwiftConnect have partnered to build the future of workplace access that keeps tenants and employees engaged and unlocks new value from commercial real estate properties. The integration of SwiftConnect with the HqO Workplace Experience Platform and App gives tenants and employees frictionless access to buildings and spaces using their employee badge in Apple Wallet, powered by SwiftConnect, to provide a truly remarkable seamless experience to users.

The integration also completely eliminates the need for physical access cards, while giving building security and enterprise security teams the ability to easily manage access permissions of different access technology providers in one system. This is transforming the way people interact with the workplace and raising the bar for operational efficiency for administrators.  

Steven Fernicola, Senior Product Manager at HqO, summed up the essential value of the integration: “This exciting partnership allows users to store and utilize their employee badge in Apple Wallet, providing a seamless and secure method of gaining access to office spaces via the HqO App. Also available on Android, this integration removes friction from an employee’s day, helping to boost flexibility and satisfaction among users, which is critical right now as the pivot toward hybrid work solidifies.”

By adding employee badges to Apple Wallet in the form of an “Access Pass,” tenants and employees can access the workplace using NFC via their iPhone or Apple Watch. This eliminates security risks, the inconvenience of traditional physical access cards and inconsistencies associated with Bluetooth, while giving tenants and employees a premium connected access experience.

The partnership between HqO and SwiftConnect continues to be validated by a growing number of real deployments with satisfied  customers. Through strong partnerships such as these, SwiftConnect is excited to continue helping commercial real estate owners and their tenants create a street-to-seat user journey and a total employee experience as the new standard for today’s workplace. 


*Please Note: Apple Wallet® is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions. This post is not an endorsement or sponsorship with Apple or Apple products


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