Enterprise organizations with legacy Active Directory (AD) environments have a security problem. Their AD infrastructure has likely degraded over time and now harbors multiple security vulnerabilities because of inefficient architecture, multiple misconfigurations, and poorly secured legacy applications. Yet Active Directory migration and consolidation, especially involving a sprawling AD infrastructure, is a formidable undertaking. Many organizations continue to defer such projects because of insufficient time, expertise, and budget.

Given the increase in cyberattacks that target AD, organizations can no longer afford to delay AD modernization. AD environments with misconfigurations that have accumulated over time are easy targets for cybercriminals. This is especially true for companies that have been through frequent merger-and-acquisition activity. Meanwhile, ransomware groups including Vice Society, LockBit, and BlackCat have built lucrative businesses exploiting AD vulnerabilities.

A new way to manage Active Directory migration and consolidation

To help organizations tackle large-scale AD migration and consolidation projects, Semperis recently announced a security-first approach to AD modernization. In collaboration with our community of partners, we’re bringing together years of directory services migration experience and comprehensive AD security and recovery solutions in a package that accelerates migration to a modern, secure AD environment.

Many business and IT leaders fear the security risks of an AD migration project. The Semperis approach weaves in security improvements throughout the process. At the end of the project, you have a modern, secure AD infrastructure with continuous monitoring to guard against emerging AD threats and improve your overall security posture.

Building security into the process

Semperis makes life easier for IT and security teams with a comprehensive AD modernization solution, backed by industry-leading identity security tools and expert support. Our approach helps to ensure that Active Directory migration and consolidation projects stay on track, while prioritizing security throughout the process.

Preparation: Semperis helps you design your new AD architecture to be more efficient and secure. Avoid security pitfalls that can complicate migration and reduce the AD attack surface by fixing existing AD vulnerabilities and closing AD attack paths in advance.

Execution: Migration projects can be derailed by unforeseen mishaps. You can mitigate such risks by using Semperis solutions to spin up a replica of your production AD environment. Use this environment to conduct thorough pre-migration testing, monitor for new vulnerabilities, and quickly roll back unintended changes.

Maintenance and monitoring: After your AD environment is migrated to a clean, secure state, we’ll install continuous monitoring to guard against configuration drift and emerging threats.

This security-first methodology uses solutions from across our identity threat detection and response (ITDR) platform, including:

Community tools Purple Knight and Forest Druid for AD security vulnerability assessment and attack path discovery

Directory Services Protector (DSP) for threat detection and automated remediation

Active Directory Forest Recovery (ADFR) for cyber-first disaster recovery

Migrator for AD for automation and acceleration of the migration process

Tackle Active Directory migration and consolidation with confidence

Our innovative approach to AD modernization stems from our experience in incident response engagements with global enterprise customers. In many cases, we have found that attackers breached the AD system by exploiting vulnerabilities that could have been addressed through a security-minded AD modernization effort.

With our collective expertise in AD migration, our comprehensive AD security and recovery platform, and our first-hand knowledge of how malicious actors are breaching identity systems, we can help organizations save time, reduce risk, and improve overall security. We know how hard it is for organizations to break through the barriers to an AD modernization project, including valid concerns about security risks during the migration, disruptions in productivity, and costly mistakes. Here’s what Semperis brings to the table:

Field experience: Our team of AD experts (many of them longtime Microsoft MVPs in directory services) have years of experience managing and delivering projects related to Microsoft technologies, including Active Directory and Exchange.

Efficient and reliable solutions: AD modernization projects are complex and error prone. Rather than muddling through the process with a mismatched set of tools, organizations can tap into our purpose-built AD security and migration solutions and expertise to execute Active Directory migration and consolidation with confidence.

Deep understanding of demands on IT services: We have an acute understanding of what IT services teams need from an AD migration solution. Our approach ensures a smooth transition to a modern AD architecture with expert guidance on what to migrate (and what not to migrate), automated synchronization to ease the transition, and directory cleanup before and after the migration. 

Semperis reputation and trust: Our track record with leading global organizations (including the #1 big-box global retailer, two of the three top consulting firms, and the #1 health system in the U.S.) gives us a strong foundation for guiding large-scale, secure AD migrations.

Expert partner-centric professional services: Semperis’ partners are proven experts with established track records in leading enterprise-scale IT projects. Our approach to AD modernization combines our identity-specific expertise with our partners’ exceptional service and support, so you get responsive guidance and follow-through.

Is your legacy AD environment ripe for modernization? Think of an Active Directory migration and consolidation project as an opportunity to dramatically improve security and create a more efficient identity environment. By combining a security-first mindset with innovative solutions, you can complete even a large-scale, security-driven AD modernization project on time and on budget.

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