In the past 12 months, SwiftConnect has dramatically accelerated its market traction via several key milestones. SwiftConnect was the first to introduce employee badge in Apple Wallet at one of the world’s most iconic buildings—Silverstein’s 7 World Trade Center. The company continued its momentum by attracting top talent from leading access control, visionary, and big tech companies such as Amazon, HID, Snowflake, and Uber, raising $17 million in Series A financing, and adding major brands and trophy buildings to its rapidly growing customer portfolio.  

Another Critical Milestone: the acquisition of Detrios

In late 2022, SwiftConnect acquired Detrios, a leading software development and consulting company that designs, delivers, and supports custom integrated access control and business system solutions to meet customers’ toughest challenges. In addition, Detrios’ DAX offering for higher education is the industry’s only off-the-shelf solution that integrates event management and access control systems to automate unlocking / securing interior and exterior doors based on academic and event schedules to create more secure campuses. 

The acquisition combines Detrios’ leadership in access control integrations with SwiftConnect’s mobile credential technology, establishing the industry’s powerhouse for connected access enablement. Bringing SwiftConnect and Detrios under one roof was also a natural evolution for both organizations based on their shared core capabilities and complementary markets:

SwiftConnect’s leadership in deploying employee badge in Apple Wallet at commercial real estate (CRE) buildings broadens opportunities for Detrios to integrate and deploy new solutions that are integral to shaping the future of CRE.
Detrios’ deep relationships within many Fortune 100 enterprises expands SwiftConnect’s enterprise market presence, extending its reach to provide connected access enablement. 
Detrios’ market share in higher education creates new product and development opportunities for both SwiftConnect and Detrios.
SwiftConnect’s cloud-first approach opens exciting options for Detrios, while Detrios’ integration capabilities will continue to play a key role in the evolution of SwiftConnect’s platform that powers NFC digital wallets. 

SwiftConnect co-CEOs Chip Kruger and Matt Kopel explained, “The Detrios brand is the gold standard for custom integrations, and the innovative DAX solution has been phenomenally successful in higher education. With our shared vision and values, the SwiftConnect and Detrios teams work closely together under a unified organization to address the pressing challenges that connected access enablement solves. Our numerous deployments with satisfied customers across CRE, enterprise, and higher education speak to our collective and growing success.”

Detrios Beginnings

Co-founders Justin Dagen and Jason Higley spent 15 years as customer-facing software engineers at Lenel, where they were responsible for designing and developing software integrations for higher education, K-12, government, military, and enterprises.

Justin and Jason added, “We are excited to be in this next chapter for Detrios with the expanded market reach and new opportunities that stem from being a SwiftConnect company.  It has been a highly synergistic partnership from day one, where SwiftConnect and Detrios have the same vision for enabling connected access to deliver exceptional value to our customers.”

Now Part of the SwiftConnect Leadership Team

Today, Justin and Jason are part of the SwiftConnect management team. With headquarters in Rochester, NY, the Detrios team continues to serve customers with industry-leading custom integrations and deliver their DAX solution to higher education institutions. 


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