In the dynamic arena of medical device servicing, speed and ingenuity rule. Companies are increasingly turning to AI to revolutionize their service management—slashing costs, boosting performance, and elevating customer satisfaction.

During a recent webinar, From Theory to Results: A Roadmap for Medical Device Service Transformation, Deniz Mullis, Cytiva’s Global Technical Operations Leader, unveiled groundbreaking insights into how personalized AI can overhaul service operations and how to prepare for the changes ahead. 

Read on to learn five crucial lessons from the webinar. 

Understand the high cost of inefficiency: Inefficiency within service teams doesn’t just slow things down—it can hit your bottom line hard. Low-performing team members can cost organizations up to 96% more than their high-performing peers, a staggering disparity highlighting the critical need for streamlined service management. By tackling these inefficiencies head-on and enhancing team performance, companies can dramatically cut operational expenses and boost the quality of their services.
Discover ways to unlock savings: Mirroring the strategies and behaviors of the top 20% of the workforce and implementing advanced AI tools can lead to an 18% reduction in service costs. Deniz highlighted how Cytiva is leveraging AI to minimize downtime, streamline onboarding processes, and enhance user experiences. Organizations can achieve substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies by adopting these best practices.
Turn your AI skeptics into solid advocates: Introducing new technology can sometimes face resistance. Yet, Cytiva has crafted a winning formula to secure internal support. Deniz revealed that engaging employees from the onset of AI implementation and showcasing clear benefits has transformed doubters into champions. This approach facilitates smoother technology adoption and fosters a culture of innovation across the organization.
Leverage your data wisely: Data isn’t just powerful—it’s transformative for service operations. Deniz delves into how organizations can turn raw data into decisive action. By dissecting service performance metrics and benchmarks, companies can pinpoint inefficiencies, refine processes, and execute strategic enhancements. Mastering the use of data is essential for leveraging AI’s full capabilities in managing and elevating service standards.
Make a strategic plan for change management: Successful AI implementation requires thoughtful change management. Deniz shared Cytiva’s experience with preparing the organization for AI adoption. Deniz explains the steps involved, including clear communication, engaging employees in the implementation process, and utilizing change ambassadors to facilitate the transition. Effective change management ensures that AI tools are embraced and fully utilized, driving continuous improvement in service operations.


Navigating the Future

In the rapidly evolving field of medical device service, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Leveraging personalized AI and data-driven insights offers a powerful way to optimize performance, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional service. The journey towards service excellence is challenging and rewarding, paving the way for a more efficient and innovative future.


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